Amber Mercury Glass Lily Accent Lamp with Leaf Base | 8.25 inches

by River of Goods

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The charming Amber Mercury Glass Lily Accent Lamp with Leaf Base adds a warm glow to any space. Available in other colors. It is 8.25" high x 4.9" in diameter. ... Read more

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The charming Amber Mercury Glass Lily Accent Lamp with Leaf Base adds a warm, uplifting glow to any space. Mini table top torchieres make fantastic nightlights. They also make great gifts! This design is available in other colors. Check out our store to see the other lily lamps we offer. Features:

  • Overall Dimensions: 8.25 inches high x 4.9 inches in diameter
  • Light Bulb: Requires one (1) 15 watt Candelabra base bulb (not included)
  • Power Source: Plug in | 66-inch cord | in-line switch
  • Artisan Crafted: The hand-blown mercury glass shades were crafted in India by artisans using a technique passed down through the generations. The exquisite base is 100% hand cast metal. Wipe clean with a dry, soft cloth.

Gift Giving: If you plan to gift this item, the packaging may indicate what is inside.

About Mercury Glass

Originally produced in Germany in the 1840s, mercury glass gained worldwide popularity as a low-cost alternative to real silver. Trendy again, it has a modern, classic appeal that blends with most decors. The nostalgic attraction to all things shiny and bright is especially true during the holidays. When most people think of mercury glass, they are instantly reminded of the holiday ornaments common at the turn of the 20th century.

Early mercury glass was double-walled with a liquid silvering solution between the layers. Silver nitrate and glucose were commonly used. Injected between the layers, the liquid was kept in place with a cork, glass, or metal seal. The final product was often enhanced with engraving, enamel, or paint. Oxidation occurred when the seal was broken, exposing the liquid to air.

The same silvering effect is achieved through electroplating. First invented in 1805, electroplating was widely used by the 1850s. Every piece of River of Goods' mercury glass is hand-crafted in India by world-class artisans using a five-step technique passed down since the 1800s:

  • Every piece of glass is individually hand blown by an artisan.
  • Graphite is applied to the glass where electroplating is desired.
  • The object is submerged in a solution of dissolved metal, and an electric current is run through it.
  • The glass is coated with an oil protectant. This allows it to be cleaned with water without disturbing the metal.
  • Colors are hand-painted on the glass, making every piece a unique and beautiful work of art.

Cleaning Mercury Glass: Always consult a conservator, if cleaning valuable antique mercury glass. Otherwise, light surface dusting is all that is needed for most new and old mercury glass. Be sure to use a cloth that will not scratch the surface. Once dusted, grimy surfaces can be polished with lemon oil, unless the item is painted with a matte finish. Matte-painted glass should only be polished on un-painted areas. Old or new, never submerge mercury glass in water, unless approved by the manufacturer. If you have double-walled mercury glass, you run the risk of loosening the glue used to hold the seal in place and permanently damaging it. Newly painted glass is subject to erosion.

About River of Goods

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